Teacher Academy Schools

The Model School Experience

South Clearfield and Sunburst Elementary have trained mentor teachers who host university practicum students each semester. As  these experienced teachers model effective instruction and collaborate with practicum students, the practice of both educators is elevated, and our elementary students learn more!

South Clearfield and Sunburst schools are both new buildings designed with shared learning spaces, flexible student seating, one-to-one technology, and built-in areas to accommodate targeted colleague and preservice teacher observations.

Each school also has an onsite university classroom where practicum students and visiting professors can engage in continued course study and embedded learning opportunities. 

SC Mentor K

TAS Model Teachers

Our model teachers are in an active mentoring role all year. As university students engage in targeted observations and coursework, model teachers guide their learning and help them make connections between theory and practice. Model teachers continuously co-plan, co-teach, and engage in reflective conversations with practicum students and Learn & Earn teaching assistants. These dedicated teacher leaders also work collaboratively across grade levels sharing data, reflection, and peer expertise for continuous growth in student learning and instructional practice.

TAS Model Teachers are committed to:

  • Modeling strong Tier 1 instruction
  • Integrating digital tools to enhance student learning
  • Collaborating with colleagues, assistants, and practicum students
  • Employing a core belief that all students can achieve
  • Engaging in professional learning and applying new strategies

Learn & Earn Teaching Assistant Program

Our Teacher Academy Schools offer a unique opportunity for those who have always wanted to teach but have not found a pathway.

The Learn & Earn Program offers those without a bachelor's degree the chance to work as a teaching assistant while earning an Elementary or Special Education Bachelors Degree. Through a partnership with Western Governors University, teaching assistants work 10 hours weekly and receive full tuition support while completing WGU courses. 

Our program is currently full, but please reach out for more information:

Allison Riddle
Teacher Academy Schools Coordinator


Learn & Earn Program flyer

Learn & Earn program application

SC Mentor

Are you interested in Model Teaching?

Our Teacher Academy Schools are looking for collaborative, growth-minded teachers who are ready to provide personalized, evidenced-based instruction while mentoring aspiring teachers. If you are an experienced teacher and feel you are ready for the challenge of teaching in a model school, please contact our two amazing principals:

Rachel Alberts                                                                                Sunburst Elementary                                                ralberts@dsdmail.net

Brooke Paras                                                                                           South Clearfield Elementary                                bparas@dsdmail.net